Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Engineering Firm

In the modern, fast-moving world of engineering we see more and more requests for wholistic AKA turnkey solutions or offers. In other words, with the fast-paced requirements of production, engineers no longer have time to approach multiple suppliers/contractors that offer various portions of projects, they want suppliers/contractors that can do as much of the project requirement as possible.

engineers around table

This is because breaking the project scope up between suppliers/contractors creates the following challenges: 

1.       It complications the quotation/tender process as more, in-depth clarification is required to understand which suppliers/contractors cover the various portions of the project scope and to ensure that no items have been missed in breaking up the scope. 

2.       It means that the project engineer now has to manage each supplier/contractor, ensure that their timelines align and know delays are often caused by miscommunication. 

3.       Managing scope creep and descoping with multiple suppliers/contractors.

4.       Managing project variations with multiple suppliers/contractors.

5.       Understanding the various processes and quality standards of multiple suppliers/contractors.

6.       The inevitable “blame-game”.

To simplify or avoid this, we have geared ourselves up to be competent in multiple disciplines with our four divisions: 

·         Industrial Facilities 

·         Piping Systems 

·         Industrial Contracting 

·         Electrical Systems & Automation 

In most projects that we take on, we use multi-division skillsets. Examples of this are: 

turnkey engineering solution infographic

It should be reiterated that even though each of these divisions can operate in isolation, when required, it is seldomly the case. 

By using these divisions together we are able to provide complete solutions to our customers, simplifying their project challenges and pulling them into the fast lane to get the job done.