Installing imported equipment during a global pandemic

We find ourselves in unprecedented times, where the world continues to turn & global project deadlines remain fixed while strict travel restrictions remain in place. A secondary, but still considerable, phenomena is the increase in transportation costs – probably as a result of operational restrictions in terms of capacity at logistics companies.

These factors create massive project risks such as:

  1. Projects missing deadlines, or completely stalled, by the restriction on travel of installation teams.
  2. Projects running over-budget due to increased logistics costs in the forms of unexpected storage & transportation.

In an absolute worst-case scenario, these two project perils would occur together!

With the threat clearly outlined, it’s time to explore solutions.

We’ve been told before that highlighting a problem is quite easy and that the true value lies in identifying the problem and offering solutions to them.

From our perspective, the solution that MC Design & Contracting can offer is focused on South Africa, by our Industrial Contracting division.

This division offers highly skilled, independently operating teams deployed to various sites with hand-picked personnel & equipment, as per each project’s requirements. These teams include supervision and health & safety representatives.

This is not new to us. Installing third-party equipment and machinery is something that we have been doing for years. This experience has allowed us to put the necessary systems in place to ensure cost-effective and efficient implementation of these projects. From commissioning equipment via simple phone calls with the foreign OEM support team, to setting up webcams on tripods, with LTE routers, for portable video call support. We do whatever is required to get the job done.

How does this solve the project risks highlighted earlier on?

  1. Project deadlines can be maintained and projects can continue even though the foreign OEM installation team cannot travel to the installation site. This scope of work is transferred to us with remote support from the original installation team.
  2. Although we cannot directly assist you with increased shipping costs, there will be a saving on the travel costs for the foreign OEM installation team that will no longer be going to the project site. These savings can be offset against the increased shipping costs and the costs incurred by calling in the expertise of our Industrial Contracting division.

For any enquiries or more information on our Industrial Contracting services, please contact us.